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23/07/2005 - 09h45
Activist does workshop this Saturday in Santo André

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(This is an English Translation of the Portuguese original)

To assert the importance of the social organization in fighting economic exploitation and totalitarianism, using as theoretical base the libertarian teachings of the psychotherapist Wilhelm Reich (1897-1957): this is the objective of the workshop that the North-American musician, activist and amateur film-maker, Nick Cooper will provide this Saturday, at 4 o'clock, in the office of the group Ativismo ABC (r. Alcides de Queiroz, 161), in Saint Andres.

Defending the idea of liberating the individual from authoritarian models of the State, the family and the social groups, Cooper also intends to discuss the documentary he is producing regarding Soma Therapy, a technique created by the anarchist psychiatrist Robert Freire. "I feel that the books of Reich and Soma Therapy are very important for people to acquire knowledge and question authoritarianism", he explains.

Other subjects of interest to the activist are the Zapatistas and the experience of community empowerment, in Chiapas, Mexico. "I went there this year and saw children receiving education while attending school, and a conscientious and participating population." A severe critic of institutions of power, Cooper says that "corruption is part of the nature of the governments, whether left or right".

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