Music teachers and parents know that kids don't always want to pracitice alone. Parents who practice with their kids help in many ways. They reinforce good habits, provide a group experience, and instead of saying "go practice," parents "walk the walk."


Rhythm is all around, all the time--in the soundtrack at the coffee shop, in the birdsong outdoors, in the click and hum of our machines. With Nick and a simple bongo drum, we learned how to make the rhythms we hear *ours*. We learned to find them, to hear them, and to converse with them in joy and love. Take a few lessons, or a lot. (You will want a lot!) Your ears--and your heart--will never be the same.
-- Joyce, Houston mom

Nick is a very talented musician who is very patient and thorough in his approach. He has a flexible schedule which is super helpful and you can go solo or in a group which is super nice. You can tell Nick genuinely loves music and wants you to learn and succeed. He has a calm vibe and has created a great learning environment whether you are just starting or have a bit of experience. Nick typically has a direction for the lesson but it's always adaptable based on what you need or what questions you have. I love being able to work with Nick!
- Steph, Fri Feb 14 2020

Nick is a wonderful teacher. He is smart, knowledgeable, extremely patient, and encouraging. I learned so much from him.
-P. Singh, Sat Feb 15 2020